Live Dream Sparkle is moving..

were moving

Hello my lovely readers,

I just wanted to let you know that I am currently in the process of moving this blog from its current home at to a self hosted site so that in the future I can offer you all sorts of better content and new bits and bobs to inspire you.

I am attempting to migrate all current followers over to the new site, but if for some reason this doesn’t work or you are not currently a follower but want to be, then head on over to

Thanks lovelies, hope you are having a wonderful day whatever you are doing.

Love and sparkles

Lara xxx


6 Tips to have an Auspicious August

auspicious august

Welcome to August lovely readers, I hope that you are enjoying a positive start to the month.  After a challenging first half of the year I am looking forward to making the most of a fresh new month.  So I have some strategies that I am going to employ to make this August Auspicious, and I would like to share them with you so that you can either try them yourself and/or come up with some strategies to help your August be Auspicious. So lets go:

  • I will avoid negativity as much as possible – for me this means not watching or reading the news. hiding some pages/profiles on social media and being aware of the energy of those around me, so not participating in gossiping etc.
  • I will encourage positivity in my life. I will try to use positive language more frequently, I will be sure to write each day/night in my gratitude diary, I will regularly update my unforgettable moments book and basically do everything in my power to see the good in every day.
  • I will seek to be inspired wherever possible, e.g. nature (a beautiful sunset), blog posts, pinterest, magazines etc
  • I will create some fresh dream boards.
  • I will sprinkle more fun and and things that make me smile into my life. Working full time and investing in this blog (plus all that I have planned for the future) is stretching me pretty thin at the moment so I will schedule in some fun.
  • I will enjoy celebrating my birthday at the end of the month.
  • Take time to just breathe.

Make time to do whatever it is that

This is just a quick round up of some of the main things that I plan on implementing this August, I will also seek to continue my creative work with this blog and the background work that I have going on.

So do you have any suggestions on how I could make my month even better or how you plan to make August the best month of the year so far.

Fabulous Friday – NYC

   Happy Friday lovelies, I hope you all have nice plans for the weekend.  So this week I’m going to put a bit of a travel spin on Fabulous Friday and I’d like to talk about New York. I love love love New York which kind of surprised me. Being a highly sensitive type I […]

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Unforgettable moments – capturing their value. 

Hi everyone I hope you are all well. So today I want to mention the value of unforgettable moments. They can be great for cheering us up when we’re feeling down, for helping us feel gratitude when it seems nothing is going our way, they can help us learn lessons and they can also be […]

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Wellbeing Wednesday – 8 tips for Coping with loss

On August 1st it will be one year since my beloved furbaby Mop made her journey over the rainbow bridge. Sadly on the 30th October it will be one year since Katie my other furbaby made her journey. The circumstances of their passing were very different and so I feel I have seen both sides […]

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Monday’s Muse – Sarah Marshall – Tapping into Money Girl

Happy Monday I hope that you are all having a super-duper start to the week.  I had a fab weekend where my Mum and I completed two cakes and sent them off to their respective parties, I booked my trips for my hols and did a bit of holiday shopping.  On the downside I have […]

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Taking on a Challenge

Well hi everybody I hope you are all having a great weekend and enjoying a relaxing Sunday.  Just a really quick post to let you know that for the next 30 days I will be taking part in the 30 day blogging challenge. This means that for the next 30 consecutive  days I will posting […]

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Fabulous Friday – 5 Simple Pleasures

Hello lovelies, I hop that all is well in your little corner of the world.  This Fabulous Friday , I would like to get you thinking about what are the simple pleasures that you enjoy in life. I will share my top 5 (I have about a gazillion), and I would love it if you […]

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Wellbeing Wednesday – Tellington Touch 

Hello everybody I hope you have having an amazing hump day and that you are all feeling in fine fettle.  Many of you may not know that last year I lost my two fur-babies (Katie and Mop)within 12 weeks of one another.  This totally devastated me and there will be a post coming up soon […]

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Monday’s Muse – Belinda Jones

Hello dear readers, I hope that you are having a wonderful start to the week. I am back in work after a week off, so it’s back to reality. It seems appropriate then that today’s Monday’s Muse is Belinda Jones a wonderful author. I think I have this information correct (apologies if there are any […]

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